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Las Vegas (Mostly) Off the Strip (Long + Pics)

Las Vegas (Mostly) Off the Strip (Long + Pics)
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  • Post #181 - February 24th, 2019, 4:50 pm
    Post #181 - February 24th, 2019, 4:50 pm Post #181 - February 24th, 2019, 4:50 pm
    Few silly quick notes:
    Just got back from a long weekend.
    We went to the Lola's in Summerlin. It's in a much fancier space, tho still casual. For whatever reason, the food was far saltier than our last trip. Still good. I had to get that bronzed catfish again. It was just as spicy, and awesome, but about twice as salty. I finished it all, but the salty taste really started annoying me. Same with their cajun wings - aggressively spiced, nicely spicy, but way too salty for no reason at all.

    The fig cake, tho. just freekin awesome. Listen, I'm a bread pudding-a-holic. And Lola's bread pudding is great. But that stupid fig cake. And the whole table agreed - as good as the bread pudding is, that fig cake beats it.

    Wife 1.0 and I agreed - Lola's will be an every trip meal, but we'd rate the Charleston location a notch above the Summerlin location. The one on Charleston was a little more gritty, less fancy. It felt more like Chicago neighborhood gem, instead of a suburban, newly constructed PJ McTGIFuntimes. The food at Summerlin was about the same, but just on this day, WAY saltier. We'd choose the Charleston location if at all possible. That fig cake tho...I guarantee you, that at the very least, grilled oysters, bronzed catfish, and fig cake will be on our table every time.

    Amongst our other meals, we were steered back to Hash House A Go-Go. My parents like the place, and we brought my sister along and she had never been, so....
    We had a much better experience this time. Wife 1.0 got talked into the pot pie, partially because so many tables have it, and it's spectacle when the servers dash through the room delivering it (the top crust is plated standing UP on the huge bowl, and most of the dishes are just massive - think Cheesecake Factory / Dr. Seuss.) So last time I said it was just massive plates of fair to middlin food, but this time, it kinda worked for me with what we ordered. The pot pie was REALLY good. Well, the innards were good, the crust was...yeah, they bake a bunch of crusts, and just throw them on the top. Our crust was noticeably stale, but the guts of the pot pie was easily the best I ever had. Think really good chicken chowder, and I mean RELLY good. I ordered the "New" chilaquiles with chipotle sauce and carnitas, and I ate the entire comically massive portion - all the while stealing spoonfuls of pot pie guts from cross the table.

    We didn't even come close to finishing HALF of the pot pie, even though there were literally 6 ppl liberally grabbing spoonfuls of the pot pie, and saying how good it was.

    We also hit Osaka in Summerlin - teppanyaki, or hibachi? (Whatever Benihana does - that type of place) Really enjoyed it. Busy place (Everyone around us had the groupon like we did.) Standard Benihana experience, our chef was hilarious, older, bordering on messy. He had sttuff flying alll over the place, but didn't care. He laughed it off. Part of his schtick was his blatant overuse of butter. He made sure we all saw how much butter he was using, and then made sure we all knew how good the food was because of the butter when we tasted it.

    Nothing else too notable, except wife 1.0 is now an "animal style" convert.


    Hash House A Go-Go:
    (we may have had one here in Chicago, perhaps?)

    We cannot be friends if you do not know the difference between Mayo and Miracle Whip.
  • Post #182 - March 6th, 2019, 12:55 pm
    Post #182 - March 6th, 2019, 12:55 pm Post #182 - March 6th, 2019, 12:55 pm
    Forget Hash House A Go-Go. Go to the Peppermill just north of Encore. Only been going strong 24 hours a day since 1972.