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Italian-to-go faceoff in the west lands

Italian-to-go faceoff in the west lands
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  • Italian-to-go faceoff in the west lands

    Post #1 - April 22nd, 2005, 4:16 pm
    Post #1 - April 22nd, 2005, 4:16 pm Post #1 - April 22nd, 2005, 4:16 pm
    I swear I wrote this up before, but I cannot find it so perhaps I just wrote it in my head???

    Have carried out three Italian meals in the last week from two different Italian places - Freddy's 1600 S 61st Ave, Cicero (16th and Ridgeland) and Pasta Amore 2112 Winding River Dr, Naperville (route 59 & 87th).

    In some respects these places are quite different - Freddy's is an old school deli that sells lots of different prepared foods, sausages (excellent) and great bread (baked there), while Pasta Amore is part of the Capri empire, and includes a casual restaurant in front of the deli, a bar and now a white table cloth restaurant. But they both are centered on a wide array of prepared foods out for display. And they both serve pretty good stuff to go, which is not necessarily cheap.

    First, at Freddy's. Rapini, Insalata Caprese, and Chicken Limone, plus some Italian ice for the moment, since it was a warm afternoon, and a loaf of bread. All very good, flavors balanced and fairly light. Great crisp and browned crust on the bread. It should be noted that VI feels Freddy's also makes one of the 5 best Italian Beef sammies in Chicago.

    Next, Pasta Amore, and a vegetarian repast - Eggplant Parmagiano, two slices of Imbotitti (stuffed pizza) one cheese and broccoli, one cheese and spinach, served hot with a marinara sauce on top. Again, generally quite good, but heavy, heavy garlic. Actually, the Eggplant was very good.

    The last meal was Pasta Amore again, but this time slices of their sicilian (bread square) pizza. Two specialty slices - Chicken Vesuvio, and Sausage Giambatta, and one cheese, plus two salads - house, and one with mozzarella balls. Surprisingly, this was the best meal, and a pretty good deal too. Salads were crisp, flavorful, and not overly dressed. Pizza was good, balanced cheese and sauce, good bread crust. And not a trace of the attack of the killer garlic (okay, a little in the Chicken Vesuvio) as in the previous meals. They had no less than 7 different sicilian pizzas prepared, and at least four Imbotitti, plus some calzones.

    I will go back to Pasta Amore for pizza. In previous visits, I have also really enjoyed their Gnocchi Romana.

    Lastly, as I have posted positively on Capri before, let me give this update.

    The original was in Berwyn, but closed quite a while back. The Rovito parents now run a place in Naperville (1238 W Ogden Ave, Naperville, 60563 - (630) 778-7373) which I find very good, and great fun. Here is one thread on it Dad runs it and Mom really does do the cooking. Two sons work the tables.

    Their kids run at least three other places I know of, including Pasta Amore. There also are Capri Restaurants in Palos Heights which was reviewed early this month in the Trib,1,6573966.story?coll=chi-leisure-utl, may require registration to read, and one in Burr Ridge. Based on everything I have read and heard, neither of these come close to the Naperville places in quality or service. I have heard particularly bad things about the Burr Ridge place, which sounds more than a bit out of control.

    If anyone has different info, please let me know, but since I have recommended these places and caused people to go to the Burr Ridge one (not wholly intentionally, but still), I feel obliged to warn anyone considering it.

    Both Pasta Amore and Capri Naperville I continue to recommend whole heartedly.
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