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Furshlugginer image handling

Furshlugginer image handling
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  • Furshlugginer image handling

    Post #1 - July 9th, 2020, 10:27 pm
    Post #1 - July 9th, 2020, 10:27 pm Post #1 - July 9th, 2020, 10:27 pm
    I have reached the tipping point. On enough fora where I circulate are other members who do not know how to upload and responsibly share images. Apparently, these members need hand-holding | head-concussing commandments on this subject. Here they come.
    I will grant there is a procedure which must be undertaken before you even begin taking pictures.
    1. Get a separate, portable USB hard drive. This is where the primary storage of your pictures will be. The separate HD will continue to function regardless of which operating system you are now running, and will should you migrate to a different OS. [I.E.: Windows® 7 to Linux Mint]
    2. On this drive, have a distinctive text file called "myimages01.txt". This is where you shall enumerate which images you have uploaded to which fora. (Nobody wants to see the same image uploaded multiple times in the same thread.)
    3. Get a multi-card USB reader. I have paid as little as ¥100 for this {in Yokohama, Japan} - do not pay more than $10 for this. This is how you will get the pictures off your camera and onto your computer.
    4. You should already have an image-editing program on your computer. But I want you to also obtain two open-source programs which perform a specific act on your images.
      • JPG Cleaner 95 v2.6 {!}
      • JPG & PNG Stripper
      These two programs remove the unnecessary metadata from your images without reducing the resolution. Why should you want to remove the metadata from your images, you blurb? Because there may well be a time when you will not want credit for taking a picture. It does not have to involve eroticism. Let's create a situation, a current one at that, in which while out-and-about, you espy a venue in which social distancing is not being practiced, and | or persons are not wearing a face mask. You take a picture of this behavior. Now, you wouldn't want to post it here (on LTHF) because it would be linked to your account, but you would like to direct some attention to it. You contact Chicago Eater and | or Block Club Chicago and ask that it be shared anonymously. It will. It goes up on its World-Wide Web page. A city or state health official sees the image. An enforcement agent goes to the venue and shuts it down. There could likely be agitated persons on either side of the bell curve upset that the venue was shut down. A very frequent act attempted when something that a person dislikes is shown online is to "get the messenger". (Does the name "Edward Snowden" mean anything to you? How about a more recent incident you haven't yet been able to forget?) If you took the picture with your mobile telephone, in the metadata of that picture is your telephone number. Once somebody has your telephone number, identifying who is paying for that line (you) is fast and easy. Do you want to ponder what a person would attempt to do to you in real life because he loathed you taking the picture? Would somebody | anybody go this far? There is an "outrage legion" out here on the World-Wide Web which does this 24/7/366. Of course it would! OK - got it? Get these two programs. You will run your pictures through them before you share them online.

    So now you have the scrubbed pictures. In this latest batch are ones for which you would like to take credit; so you will refer them into a thread here on LTHF. You need an imagehost. It does not have to be your own domain. Going back to the 20th Century, fora where I circulated emphasized using off-fora hosting, even if they had the capacity to host the images in-fora. A World-Wide Web site can go offline for a number of reasons, both accidental and malicious, and when (if?!) it is restored, in-fora images are commonly what has been permanently lost.
    This couples up with I scribed for "myimages01.txt". The content of your text file will provide the data of you have uploaded. Sometimes, an imagehost will go offline {the "outrage legion" assaults the imagehost}, and you may want to reupload them somewhere else.
    Finding semi-anonymous image uploaders is not that difficult. I link to some of them on my adult bookmark pages (because those imagehosts are used to assaults -they fortify their servers- and spurious takedown orders - 'family-friendly' imagehosts will remove content without even inspecting the image if a takedown report is submitted - and frequently these same 'family-friendly' imagehosts will have edgy (barely dressed anime characters) {clickbait?} banner ads on the pages where the images are displayed), but you can find others if you search.
    When you land on their uploading page (many have two methods by which you can upload images, and many let you upload multiple images in one procession), select the images from your portable hard drive. They go on-line.
    The result page is what you need to deeply inspect.
    There will be multiple in-line boxes with codes. For LTHF, the boxes to copy and splice into the "myimages01.txt" file are the ones with BBCode. BBCode is the one with square brackets "[", "]".
    HTML, which is what can be used on Blogspot fora and weblogs, is the one with angle brackets "<", ">".
    The box at the foot of the result page is the URL which lets you delete the images. I do not save that URL. Even if I deleted the images, somebody else probably already has them, so they could reappear somewhere anyway.

    I insist you copy the box which has the code of showing a 200x200 (or smaller) thumbnail image, but which will display the full-sized image (usually in a separate tab) when clicked upon. The codes to view will be "[url]" and "[img]".
    Compelling everybody browsing the thread in which you will upload these images to sit by and wait while your high-bandwidth full-sized images load is exasperating at best, and arrogant and obstinate at worst.

    Should I mention that when someone is browsing LTHF on a mobile telephone, these full-sized images overflow the screen's dimensions, so they are not really viewing them? But they are consuming the phone's data allotment.
    Save the code of the boxes of the images to your "myimages01.txt" file. You will copy it into your post to LTHF.
    One more caution I impress upon you: Do not upload all your image uploads to just one imagehost. By that, I mean for post #01, you use imagehost 'A'; for post #02, you use imagehost 'B'.
    Contemplate that Flickr® was assaulted in September 2016, August 2013, and lost images to the onslaught. In February 2019, it deleted thousands of previously uploaded images.
    In Spring 2017, people believed one of the largest imagehosts {Imagebam} was going offline at the end of June. Some persons began recollecting their images from that imagehost to repost later. But it turned out that the imagehost was only relocating to a larger-scaling webhost.
    If you are going to use your own hosting, you should nonetheless produce thumbnail images for your photographs. Your image-editing program will have a "Resize" option within. Tick the box to keep the aspect ratio when you scrunch the full-sized image to 200x200 or less, and give it a slightly different file name.
    You may wish to obtain another useful program, Bulk Rename Utility. This will allow you to give a more descriptive image name (e.g.: "venue-name001.jpg") instead of something with a cryptic random number.
    I am trying to plunder my mind for anything I missed above. For real examples of image uploads; that should wait for a future reply. For imagehosts I use, you can browse my image posts in other replies.
    Broken out links:
    JPEG & PNG Stripper v1.5.7.70
    JPG Cleaner 95 v2.6
    Bulk Rename Utility
    Valuable links for survival, without a monitization attempt: