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"Chicago-style" pizza in SoCal

"Chicago-style" pizza in SoCal
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  • "Chicago-style" pizza in SoCal

    Post #1 - October 21st, 2018, 9:07 pm
    Post #1 - October 21st, 2018, 9:07 pm Post #1 - October 21st, 2018, 9:07 pm
    I wrote this up for a friend in another forum the other night and it gave me a good reason to come check out LTHForum again after a LONG absence.

    My updated semi-definitive guide to Chicago-style (not necessarily deep dish/stuffed):

    The A-List
    Tony’s Little Italy – Placentia: Stuffed crust that holds up to the best in Chicago. 30+ years. Very good “extra-thin”
    Chicago Pasta House – Moreno Valley: Owned by on original employee of Giordano’s. So good and been there 30+ years
    Casa Bianca – Eagle Rock: One of LA’s quintessential pizza places, like going back in time. Great thin crust pizza

    Chicago Import
    Rosati’s – Temecula and Encinitas (full restaurants), La Quinta (limited seating): Simply love the vibe at the Temecula location as well as the food. Had the best thin crust pizza I have had in CA in a LONG time at the La Quinta location this summer.

    Other good places (some with limited personal experience)
    Masa – Echo Park: Very popular restaurant/bakery/bar/café, pizza comes from former Gino’s East employees
    Hollywood Pies – LA: Finally settled on a location after operating fly-by-night for awhile
    Romano’s – Riverside (multiple locations): Need to go back for more
    Rance’s – Costa Mesa
    Cruisers – Newport Beach: Chicago-style pizza and food on the Balboa Peninsula? Awesome combination!
    Little Toni’s – North Hollywood: A holdover from my late 80s time in the SFV. Very good thin crust pizza
    Selma’s – Rancho Santa Margarita (and other OC locations) – the “full Chicago-style” does it pretty well
    Lefty’s - San Diego (2 locations): great Chicago-style place for our friends down south

    Need to try
    5000 Pies – Long Beach (stuffed)
    Dough Box – LA (El Sereno) (deep dish)
    Pizza Jones – LA (Boyle Heights) (thin)

    Gone but not forgotten
    Giorgio’s of Chicago – Laguna Niguel
    Luke’s – Aliso Viejo
    Chicago Chicago – Irvine
    Gino’s East – Manhattan Beach
    Giordano’s – Laguna Hills
    Bob in RSM, CA...yes, I know, it's a long way from Chicago