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8000 Miles - Chinese and Pan-Asian in Roselle

8000 Miles - Chinese and Pan-Asian in Roselle
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  • 8000 Miles - Chinese and Pan-Asian in Roselle

    Post #1 - March 22nd, 2015, 2:54 pm
    Post #1 - March 22nd, 2015, 2:54 pm Post #1 - March 22nd, 2015, 2:54 pm
    Last night four of us had dinner at 8000 Miles in downtown Roselle, a block east of Lynfred Winery. Like my previous lunch there, our dinner was really really good!

    The menu covers a wide range, including not only Chinese regional dishes, but also Japanese, Thai, and sushi/sashimi/maki. With our friends ordering some of the more commonplace Chinese dishes, here's what we had: five appetizers (Sichuan dumplings, crispy calamari, pot stickers, two orders of spring rolls), four entrees (General Tso's chicken, Mongolian beef, ginger asparagus shrimp, dried chili chicken), and one side (Sichuan string beans).

    Everything was excellent. But I really have to single out one dish, the one I'm still thinking about the next day: the dry chili chicken, pictured below from their website. This is pretty much the same dish that has been called "chicken crack" (i.e. as addictive as crack cocaine) at another Chinese restaurant in the Chicago area. However, this is everything that this dish should be: morsels of tender, moist chicken, wok-fried with a lot of dried red peppers. We didn't specify any particular spice level; on the menu, it is shown with one hot pepper (although I'm sure they can adjust it up or down upon request). At first bite, the spice level seems only slightly hot, but as you get further along, it builds to a nice crescendo. Unlike the version elsewhere, this dish is not oily at all, and the spice/hotness level is noticeable but never reaches the point of inedibility. This is an absolutely superb dish, one which I'm happy to drive quite some distance to Roselle for.

    8000 Miles also offers exceptional value. The portion size of the entrees was remarkably generous. Yet even with a $12 glass of wine and an $8 cocktail, the bill for four only came to $118 including tax, before tip. The service was excellent, friendly, and helpful; our server, Celin, recommended specific dishes and helped by noting that the spring roll app was not as easily divisible by four as the others we ordered.

    The room is very pleasant, and features several large-screen televisions showing a rotation display of photos of dishes on the menu. We arrived at 5:30 when the restaurant was half empty; by the time we left at 7:30, the restaurant was full, yet the noise level was thankfully still conversation-friendly. Reservations are available by phone as well as on Opentable.

    The principals behind the restaurant are Ben Li and Wan Cai Li (formerly with Double Li in Chinatown) and Shawn Li (formerly with TL's Four Seasons in Bartlett). For those who, like myself, enjoyed Double Li and have been missing it since it closed, head out to Roselle and you'll find some of the same terrific Szechuan dishes. And try it even if you never went to Double Li - it's a hidden gem in the western suburbs!

    8000 Miles
    107 Main Street
    Roselle IL