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2018 Nomination: Beograd Cafe [Balkan Bureks]

2018 Nomination: Beograd Cafe [Balkan Bureks]
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  • 2018 Nomination: Beograd Cafe [Balkan Bureks]

    Post #1 - March 9th, 2018, 1:26 pm
    Post #1 - March 9th, 2018, 1:26 pm Post #1 - March 9th, 2018, 1:26 pm
    Balkan cuisine may not get much attention, but it is well represented on Chicago's north side to serve the large immigrant population from the former Yugoslav republics. I have enjoyed many bureks and cevapis over the years, and to me the best of the bunch is consistently at Cafe Beograd.

    Probably most importantly, their bureks are always hot from the oven. The turn is so consistent that I always pre-order to avoid having to wait for a new batch to bake when I get there. My favorite is the cheese, though the meat is very good as well. I haven't yet mustered the courage to try the pizza burek.

    They also bake bread, make sausages and cevapis in house and have an impressive steam tray game that shows up mostly on weekends. I'm particularly fond of picking up a jar of ajvar (from the at least 10 varieties in their grocery section) and the freshly made kajmak from the fridge and bringing it all home for a Balkan feast.

    There hasn't been much discussion recently, but the love has been steady over the years.

    KennyZ: "the place is fantastic . . .[the burek] is chewy, crunchy, and stuffed with delicious, salty fresh farmer's cheese. Simple, hearty food."

    Kajmak Johnson: "I have eaten burek at other places in the city and they have always been underwhelming, lacking in the flavor that I can get when I go back to my parent’s home country. I always feel like the bureks at Beograd give me exactly what I am looking for, the home comfort food of home while being as far away from it as possible."

    JeffB: "The counter lady/espresso lady was telling me about how she is saving up to buy a refurbished Gaggia for her home. That's all you need to know. "

    gwiv: "Followed by crisp, flavorful spinach and cheese burek. One of the better bureks I've had in recent memory. "

    Beograd Cafe
    2933-39 W Irving Park Rd
    Chicago, IL 60618