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An Early Modern Food History Workshop, April 6 @ Newberry

An Early Modern Food History Workshop, April 6 @ Newberry
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  • An Early Modern Food History Workshop, April 6 @ Newberry

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    An Early Modern Food History Workshop

    Friday, April 6, 2018
    10 am-4:30pm
    Towner Fellows Lounge
    Led by Allen Grieco, Villa I Tatti
    Food history, as a scholarly discipline, is a relatively new addition to historical inquiry. This meeting at the Newberry Library will bring together a rich variety of academics and researchers from the wider Chicago area who will each present their current work in the field. The presentations will deal with approaches to the cultural history of food ranging from historians and philologists working on cook books to work on the history of taste, from the early modern globalization of recipes to the botanical illustrations in the mysterious Voynich codex.

    This workshop is co-sponsored by the Institut Européen d’Histoire et des Cultures de l’Alimentation.

    10 am to 12 pm Morning Session

    Medieval French Cookbooks and Social Class
    Bobbi Sutherland, University of Dayton

    From Vinaigrettes to Virtual Cookbooks: Culinary Discourses in Early Modern France
    Tim Tomasik, Valparaiso University

    From Manuscript to Print: Italian Cookbooks in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries
    Lino Mioni, Indiana University

    Highlights of Preparing a Critical Edition and Translation of Francisco Martínez Montiño’s 1611 Cookbook, Arte de cocina, pastelería, vizcochería y conservería
    Carolyn Nadeau, Illinois Wesleyan University

    Early Modern English Recipe Manuscripts: Sources and Resources
    Hillary Nunn, University of Akron

    The Production and Use of Cookbooks in Late Medieval and Early Modern England
    Sarah Kernan, Independent Scholar

    12 to 1 pm Lunch on Your Own

    1 to 2 pm Rare Book Presentation

    2 to 4 pm Afternoon Session

    Thinking about Food and Cultural Appropriation: Indian Pickles in Early Modern Europe
    Anil Paralkar, University of Heidelberg

    Foods for the Soul and Body: Bread and Wine in Early Modern Spanish Lyric
    Daniela Gutierrez Flores, University of Chicago

    Unraveling the Voynich Codex: A 16th-Century Mexican Manuscript
    Jules Janick, Purdue University

    Early Modern Tastes and Chocolate: Taste Geopolitics, Cartographic Mapping of Recipes, Chocolate Material Culture and Imagery
    Kathryn Sampeck, Illinois State University

    Medieval and Renaissance Ideas about Taste
    Allen Grieco, Villa I Tatti

    Recipe Books of Modern and Contemporary Artists: Reading and Writing Practices
    Margherita D’Ayala Valva, Scuola Normale Superiore

    4 to 4:30 pm Closing Discussion

    Cost and Registration Information ... 3945895356

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