. . . I think I may have to reward myself w/ an Old Fashioned apple fritter on the way back into the city.
Deep Dish Pizza
Posted February 18th 2012, 5:57pm
This sounds like it could be a really delightful and fun show.

Posted February 19th 2012, 10:30am
I heard an interview with Mo on NPR this morning and this show sounds like a delight from the clips they played. Unfortunately for me it is on the Cooking Channel which we do not get and I will not pay extra for. I'd love to see the show though and maybe they will show full episodes down the road.
Posted February 19th 2012, 3:00pm
Hi- I don't get the cooking channel either, but if you have Comcast, you can get the Cooking channel on demand for free. You can't watch all of the programs that the Cooking channel airs, but there are 7 shows that you can watch on demand right now for free, including Bobby Deen's new program, "Not my Mama's Cooking". There is also a program "How to Drop 5 Pounds", which is produced by one of the women's magazines. It might be Good Housekeeping.

You go to on demand, and look under life/home for the cooking channel.

Hope this helps, Nancy
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