. . . I think I may have to reward myself w/ an Old Fashioned apple fritter on the way back into the city.
Budae Jigae
Posted February 14th 2008, 9:10am
There's a very touching photo tribute in today's Tribune to restaurants that are no longer with us but have left something indelible in our hearts. There are photos of the Bakery, Le Perroquet, Gordon, and Cafe Provencal, among others - places that, for many of us, brightened our lives with creative fine dining before it became as popular as it is today.

Long Gone Restaurants Our Valetines (sic) to restaurants we truly miss.
Posted September 23rd 2008, 3:54pm
If you want to see old Chicago restaurants, check out my website.

Posted September 23rd 2008, 8:35pm
I thought I'd stump people with a "Guess The Restaurant" from long ago. It took Steve Z exactly 53 minutes to identify Henrici's.

Posted September 23rd 2008, 8:52pm
OMG - Gordon, I loved that place, so many memorable meals there. Lots of other memories in that article, but Gordon was so wonderful every time I went there.
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