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Costa Azul #3--Berwyn

Costa Azul #3--Berwyn
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  • Costa Azul #3--Berwyn

    Post #1 - July 29th, 2004, 9:07 pm
    Post #1 - July 29th, 2004, 9:07 pm Post #1 - July 29th, 2004, 9:07 pm
    Tonight after work, and swimming, and successfully choosing different granite to go with the new kitchen cabinets that turned out to be completely the wrong color when we opened the boxes, we were ready for supper. Bill wanted tacos. I wanted something tasty but light in consideration of my absolute pig-out at the office potluck today.

    We ended up at Costa Azul. It was a favorite when it used to be on the south side of Cermak but, as sometimes happens, it had been probably three or four years since we'd been there. It's now across the street and further west, in Berwyn instead of Cicero. It's also at least five times larger, which made it all the more conspicuous that we were the only customers at 8:15 on a Thursday evening. Although my instincts told me I was crazy to order seafood when they were so empty, it was seafood I'd come for and seafood I was going to have. I ordered the large campechana. It comes with shrimp and your choice of oysters or octopus. Since, as I've said elsewhere, I think this isn't the time of year to be ordering oysters, I asked for the octopus.

    Wow! The campechana came in a giant glass dish, filled with at least a dozen (maybe 15) large and very fresh shrimp, a half cup or so of diced octopus, a good handful of onion, some parsley, some lime, and some chopped avocado on the top. My guess is that the juice was clamato--not as thin as a ceviche, not as thick as a shrimp cocktail. Mild, but capable of more heat (which I didn't need) with the help of the various hot sauces and salsas on the table. It was all I could do not to upend the glass and lick the last drops out. I'll go back any time. I don't have a lot by way of comparisons, but it was dramatically better than the stuff we picked up at Islas Marias on the Mil-walk-athon.

    Bill also declared his taco al pastor the best he'd ever eaten. I got a bite--it was mighty fine but it's not red meat I'm looking for at Costa Azul. Chips and salsa (actually two salsas and a pico de gallo, ranging from hot to HOT!) also above average. A handful of chewy taffy with our $20 check.

    The waitress assured us it gets busy on weekends. I certainly hope so.

    Costa Azul #3

    6516 W Cermak Road

    Berwyn, IL 60402