Posted September 22nd 2011, 7:27pm
My last food affair involved pork fries and coconut cream pie at the Northdown Tavern, but Doug's is a good spot for it, too.

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Posted September 22nd 2011, 8:28pm
I have to admit, I think this is my first food affair ever. Usually, my husband knows what I eat because we either cook a delicious meal or go out and eat a delicious (or underwhelming, take your pick) meal. Since his family has been here we have spent a lot of time at Portillo’s (because that’s what they like) and I think of Portillo’s as a take it or leave it option but not a deliciously great one. Although, I must say for some odd reason something about their cheese fries has my name calling when I’m in the area of North Lake.

That said, I did get to go to Hot Doug’s today. I got there at 10:20 and had it not been for the street cleaning signs, I would have found a much closer parking spot. I was outside standing in line at the door at 10:23 and there were already six people ahead of me. Nevertheless as soon as the OPEN sign flashed on things ran smoothly from there. I had looked at their website prior to going and I had considered the Cheesy Atomic, well, because I am a cheese fanatic (IF you Google kajmak with the proper spelling you will see what the ingredients primarily consist of, must be my Balkan roots). Alas, I shunned the Cheesy Atomic for something that sounded slightly more appealing to me and that was the Cherry-Infused Venison Sausage with Fig Mustard Cream and Smoked Provolone Cheese. It was the fig mustard cream that got me. Figs being another fascination that also comes from my Balkan roots. Just where does one find fig mustard cream? Because it was simply divine! The sausage had a nice sweet balance that worked well with the cheese and not overly saccharine at all, just perfect. i took a picture of it but I am unsure as to how posting pictures work on this forum. I did have the fresh cut fries which were good but not crazy about them all that much (For me, almost nothing lives up to Beef and Burger’s fries on Montrose near Pulaski). Suffice it to say, I’ll be trying some other options in the near future when I get the chance and Mr. Kajmac Johnson won’t be having a clue despite my Foursquare check-ins. Of course after I had eaten the sausage and was getting ready to get dressed for work, my husband calls asking me if I want to go with him and his parents to have a quick lunch at West River Cafe on the corner of Montrose and Kedzie. So there I was about an hour after eating the Cherry Venison, I was eating some toast and overeasy eggs and acting like I was not already full. :roll:

Oh and IndependentGeorge, maybe I will consider legally changing my name to Kajmac Johnson. The name has been an inside joke between of friend mine and I for years. We actually have other Balkan food/generic name combos that keep my husband rolling in stiches and us in fits of laughter.
Posted September 23rd 2011, 10:23am
'Food affairs' -- totally deserves its own thread!

It's kind of a relief to hear others' stories; I felt so silly glancing furtively around as I waited alone in the Hot Doug's line one particular, unspecified day.

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Posted October 4th 2011, 5:54pm
i<3pizza wrote:'Food affairs' -- totally deserves its own thread!

Thanks to hoppy2468, we now have one. :D

Food Affairs


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Posted April 8th 2012, 10:53pm
Finally made it here for the first time. I hoped that 11:20 on a Saturday of a holiday weekend would yield a somewhat shorter than average line . . . but no. Very proud of my 9-year-old for waiting 80 minutes with me with minimal complaints. Didn't even yell at Dad for not bringing the iPod.
Junior pronounced the duck fat fries the best fries that he had ever had. I too would rank them high. I had to see what Doug could do with a bratwurst, since my college days in Madison had set the bar high. I was impressed; it was a very good brat that had been grilled perfectly. Carmelized onions gilded the lily. I ordered a Mountain Man for the kid, since I thought he would be interested in the blend of elk, venison, buffalo, and antelope meat. He was most interested in the cheese on top, so I finished the sausage and thought it was pretty tasty.

But I have to agree with the standard rec here to go during off hours. I would wait 30 minutes tops; there are too many other places almost as good that have minimal waits.
Posted April 9th 2012, 8:39am
Ironically, I couldn't imagine a longer line than at 11:20 Saturday on a holiday weekend. Nice trifecta!

Posted April 9th 2012, 12:06pm
Vitesse98 wrote:Ironically, I couldn't imagine a longer line than at 11:20 Saturday on a holiday weekend. Nice trifecta!

I was just going to say, that sounds like a recipe for sore feet.

As a mattra-fact, Pie Face, you are beginning to look almost human. - Barbara Bennett
Posted April 13th 2012, 11:39am
Brought our visiting friends from Canada here last Friday, I was told by one of them that it was their favorite activity of their Chicago vacation. I had the mountain man, the teuben, and the lamb sausage plus 1.5 orders of duck fat fries (gf couldn't finish hers). Doug is a sausage artist.

Posted May 3rd 2012, 3:59pm

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